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Free stuff from gas station

I buy gas a couple times a week instead of filling up just once because my station gives you a free soft drink or coffee for each gasoline purchase, so I can get two or three free things each week by purchasing gas two or three times a week.

How to know what a new car costs the dealer

If you want to save money on buying a new vehicle you will be in for quite the negotiation.  The car dealerships have some slick salesperson trained in the art of talking you out of your dollars.  But arming yourself with knowledge of the playing field ahead of time can give you the advantage. Never

Buy cars at the right time to save money

Often times car dealers will want to sell you a car at full sticker price and will tell you they cannot negotiate.  This is nonsense!  Everything is negotiable.  Many dealerships will not want to take a loss on a vehicle, or sell it for a value where there is little in it for them.  However,