Reduce Impulse Purchases Using This

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Sales are all over the place. It is not uncommon for a business to mark up their prices then throw something on sale in an attempt to tempt you to buy. But buying something on sale is not always a good thing. Fight the urge to purchase the item and follow these steps.

  • Write what you want down on a piece of paper.
  • Figure out if it fits in the necessary parts of your monthly budget (if you don’t have one, put one together!)
  • If it is not, and you are still interested in it, wait a few days to see if you still want it.

If you still want it after time has gone by AND you can afford it then and only then look for the best pricing available. Sometimes buying the item used or like new condition is a good thing. Don’t let the idea of shiny and new override your desire to save your money. A lot of manufacturers make trashy products which are designed to break or fail anyhow.

In the long run you can really put away some serious money from avoiding the impulses and guilt of a bad decision using this strategy.