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Watch out for excessive mutual fund fees

Mutual funds can be a great way to build wealth, however there is so much variety and so many pieces of information to look at that it can get overwhelming. One thing is for sure, is that paying attention to fund fees can help you save a lot of money! For example, if a mutual

Exchange your change for dollars free of charge

A lot of grocery stores have machines that will exchange your change for dollars. While these look tempting they can often charge a fee for using the machine, sometimes as high as 7 percent or more! Why give your hard earned money to them just because it is not a format that is easy to

Saving change can add up

I currently use Qapital and Acorns and there round-up and weekly deposits to save money. Also I purposely do not spend my coins. I will break a dollar on purpose just to get the change. We put the change into a jar and deposit it into our bank every year near Christmas. Also, I consider