Getting a new job? Use these tips to get more money.

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During the job application process you may sneakily have been asked your desired income. This will give an employer the upper hand when determining your salary. Right off the bat they can single in on the cheapest resources in an attempt to save money. Try not to provide them with this information. Make them take the opportunity to interview you, which will convince them you are worth it.

If you are asked in an online application, just put “0”. Most HR departments, when they see this, will know you want to discuss further. If you are asked in person, try to give a vague answer like “do you have a copy of your available benefits to see what options are available so it can work on some figures?” This will politely get you out of having to provide the information.

A good thing you can do is ahead of time look up on Glassdoor to see what others are making in a similar position, or even at the potential employer. What is really important here is trying to find the salary range, since most positions will have a low, medium and high point for salaries. Some employers may even provide this to you if you ask in a clever way.

Also, always be flexible with negotiations. They may not allow you to have a higher salary, but other things such as sign-on bonus, stock incentives or extra vacation time can be arranged.

Use these tips to score more money on your next job.