Don’t get ripped off with insurance deductibles.

Everyone always likes to tout having a low insurance deductible, but is it really necessary? It depends, but here is some rough math. Just as a hypothetical example, let’s say your car insurance premiums are $2500 annually and there is a $500 deductible. If you could get your annual premiums down to $2000 by increasing

Getting free stuff from Craigslist

It is possible to get free stuff using Craigslist. They have a section which lists free items that are given away at no cost. Lots of furniture is listed as free. Other items are sold at large discounts for you. Even if you don’t like the item you can easy re-sell it for pure profit.

Free stuff from gas station

I buy gas a couple times a week instead of filling up just once because my station gives you a free soft drink or coffee for each gasoline purchase, so I can get two or three free things each week by purchasing gas two or three times a week.

Saving change can add up

I currently use Qapital and Acorns and there round-up and weekly deposits to save money. Also I purposely do not spend my coins. I will break a dollar on purpose just to get the change. We put the change into a jar and deposit it into our bank every year near Christmas. Also, I consider

Save money on baby formula through coupons

When having a baby, if you signed up for any services or registries, you will likely receive a lot of coupons inciting you to buy stuff.  The most high value usually comes for baby formula.  Sometimes you can rack up several 5 dollar coupons and take advantage of buying expensive formula for cheap.

Methods for saving money using coupons

Couponing is a great way to save money! How many of your friends, or family purchase a Sunday paper? Ask them to save the coupons for you! Go to the store a day ahead of time and check out the deals. Bring your coupons with you to see what you can save on. Create a

Saving money from receipts

People often ask “would you like a receipt” after purchasing something.  And often times there is a really strong urge to tell them “No”.  Who wants to carry around receipts all day.  They are annoying and are always falling out of the pant or purse pockets.  However, there is a benefit to collecting them.  They

How to know what a new car costs the dealer

If you want to save money on buying a new vehicle you will be in for quite the negotiation.  The car dealerships have some slick salesperson trained in the art of talking you out of your dollars.  But arming yourself with knowledge of the playing field ahead of time can give you the advantage. Never

Buy cars at the right time to save money

Often times car dealers will want to sell you a car at full sticker price and will tell you they cannot negotiate.  This is nonsense!  Everything is negotiable.  Many dealerships will not want to take a loss on a vehicle, or sell it for a value where there is little in it for them.  However,