Gaming Subscriptions? Yes please…

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Nobody likes buying a hyped up video game only to have it be terrible. You lose time, money and have little recourse. Most places won’t let you return the game, so your only choice is to “trade it in” for some other garbage you don’t want in an effort to cut the loss. Infact, so many games are terrible these days it is no wonder a lot of places make their bread and butter off trade-in’s.

In comes gaming subscriptions. For a fixed price you can rent a game for as long as you want, as long as you are paying the monthly fee which is usually very reasonable. Suppose the subscription is $20 dollars a month. Over the course of the year that is only $240. However, the flexibility is well worth it.

  • Don’t like the game? Send it back.
  • Get half way through and get stuck because some developer wanted to create some false sense of challenge? Send it back.
  • Some new shiny game came out that you want to play more? Send it back.

When you send the game back the subscription services will send out another game in your queue that you select. So really, you trade dollars for peace of mind knowing that you won’t get burned by the video game developers.

If you play more than 5-6 games per year, then the subscription service usually will be more cost effective in the long run.