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Watch out for excessive mutual fund fees

Mutual funds can be a great way to build wealth, however there is so much variety and so many pieces of information to look at that it can get overwhelming. One thing is for sure, is that paying attention to fund fees can help you save a lot of money! For example, if a mutual

Reduce Impulse Purchases Using This

Sales are all over the place. It is not uncommon for a business to mark up their prices then throw something on sale in an attempt to tempt you to buy. But buying something on sale is not always a good thing. Fight the urge to purchase the item and follow these steps. Write what

Using water to save money on food!

Using water to save money on your food bill may seem counter-intuitive. Thirsty and Hungry are a pair, but are also opposites. You can’t quench thirst with food and you can’t quench cravings with water, very well anyhow. If you want to cut back on your food bill though, try to drink one FULL glass

Getting a new job? Use these tips to get more money.

During the job application process you may sneakily have been asked your desired income. This will give an employer the upper hand when determining your salary. Right off the bat they can single in on the cheapest resources in an attempt to save money. Try not to provide them with this information. Make them take

Finding the cheapest diapers

Diapers can be very expensive and babies go through A LOT. The struggle to find the cheapest diapers can be a tough one, but there are places that have better deals on them. Costco, or any other major big box type place will often have custom branded products (Kirkland for example), including diapers. They are

Exchange your change for dollars free of charge

A lot of grocery stores have machines that will exchange your change for dollars. While these look tempting they can often charge a fee for using the machine, sometimes as high as 7 percent or more! Why give your hard earned money to them just because it is not a format that is easy to

Gaming Subscriptions? Yes please…

Nobody likes buying a hyped up video game only to have it be terrible. You lose time, money and have little recourse. Most places won’t let you return the game, so your only choice is to “trade it in” for some other garbage you don’t want in an effort to cut the loss. Infact, so

Save water when cleaning dishes

Save water by not cleaning dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. Scrape any remaining food off the dishes. Load the dishes directly in the dishwasher without rinsing. Dishwasher companies will tell you that you are actually not supposed to wash the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. With new technology the dishwasher can